Permanent Makeup

Exceptional Permanent Makeup Services

High-Quality Permanent Makeup

Invest in yourself! At iSpa, we will help you simplify your daily routine with our high-quality permanent makeup. You’ll wake up feeling beautiful every morning. No other spa in the area is comparable to our services. We'll respond to your calls promptly and have a wide variety of discounts available. Call us today to learn more about our permanent makeup services!
Permanent Makeup Services

Our Permanent Makeup Services

  • Eyebrows - $300
  • Eyeliner (upper and lower) - $250
  • Full lips - $350
  • Lip liner - $175
Check out our color catalog and fill out our consent form.
Call us at 
940-937-9091 to schedule an appointment!
Our permanent makeup services include eyebrows, eyeliner and more. Contact us for more details.
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